Tip | Choosing container sizes#

The largest container available is given by the quota included in your subscription. That is, if your quota is 10 CPUs and 80 GB of RAM, the largest container available in the drop-down menu will be CPU-10-RAM80Gb.

Using a large container by default is not recommended as it can exhaust available resources very quickly and prevent others from executing their jobs. We recommend starting with the smallest container available and increasing its size if need be.

There are generally two cases when to increase the size of the container:

  • The execution failed with an out of memory error because the container is too small. In that case, it is recommended to increase the container size so as to allow more memory.

  • The execution is too long and the execution can be parallelized, such as with hyperparameter search in visual ML.


In the case of working with a very large dataset, you can also start by executing the job on a sample of the data and the smallest container as a way to test it.