Concept: Statistics Worksheet


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For a dataset in Dataiku, it is quite useful to have a designated space with the tools for performing statistical analyses. This is just what a statistics worksheet provides.

A Worksheet provides a visual summary of exploratory data analysis (EDA) tasks. To create or access worksheets, go to the Statistics tab of your dataset.


The worksheet header consists of a worksheet menu. You can use the worksheet menu to create a new worksheet or rename, duplicate, and delete worksheets. You can also switch from one worksheet to another.

There are also buttons and menu items for creating a new card, running the worksheet in a container, changing the global confidence level for statistical tests, and specifying how to sample the dataset used in the worksheet. Note that by default, Dataiku computes statistics on a sample of first records in your dataset.

For more information about worksheets, see The Worksheet Interface in the reference documentation.

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