Packaging a Flow into a Bundle

A video below goes through the content of this section.

  • In order to package the flow into a bundle, from Settings menu in the top navigation bar, choose Bundles.

  • Click Create your first bundle and name it automation_v1.


Key concept: Bundle

A bundle is a snapshot of a complete DSS project.

The bundle includes the project configuration so that it can be deployed to a Dataiku DSS Automation node. In addition, sometimes, in your Flow, the data for some datasets (such as enrichment data) or models (that are retrained in the development and not the production environment) need to be transported to the production environment.

A bundle can contain data for an arbitrary number of datasets, managed folders and saved models.

A bundle thus acts as a consistent packaging of a complete flow. On the Automation node, you then activate a bundle to switch the project to a new version. Bundles are versioned, and you can revert to a previous bundle in case of a production issue with the new bundle.

You can set up multiple Automation nodes to create continuous delivery pipelines (for example with a pre-production automation node, a performance test one, and the production one).

For this tutorial, we will include the data for the Orders and Customers managed folders. In a real-life setting however, these primary data sources would be different on the development and production environments.

  • Click Create.

  • Download the bundle to your local system by selecting the bundle and clicking the Download button in the right-hand panel.

The following video goes through what we just covered.