Deploying a Bundle

A video below goes through the content of this section.

  • Log in to your Dataiku Automation node (be sure it’s an Automation node and not another Design node) and create a New project.

  • Import the bundle you just downloaded.


Connections mapping

Note that you may need to re-map connections to data sources that exist in the Design node to how they should or will exist on the Automation node. Dataiku DSS will prompt you if this is necessary.

In the Automation node, you need to have connections of the proper type, but their definition can change.

A simple example of this is a SQL database: you’ll have a production database separate from the development database, so when deploying the bundle, you’ll need to reattach the SQL datasets to the production database.

  • Choose to activate a bundle from the list, select automation_v1, and click Activate.

When creating a new project and activating its first bundle, the Dataiku Automation Node deactivates all of its scenarios to avoid unwanted data reconstruction unless explicitly requested.

  • Navigate back to the main project page, and click on the Automation link.

  • Activate the scenario by turning the Rebuild data and retrain model scenario auto-trigger to on.

The following video goes through what we just covered.

That’s it! The flow you set up in the Design node is now running in production.