Dataiku Solutions on Dataiku Cloud

Dataiku Solutions are installable accelerators that leverage Dataiku to answer business problems and use cases. These projects are pre-built by Dataiku and can solve various use cases across industries and business functions.

Dataiku Cloud manages the technical requirements of these solutions for you. Explore resources here for using Dataiku solutions on Dataiku Cloud.

How-to | Install a Dataiku solution on your Dataiku Cloud space

  1. From the Launchpad of your space, navigate to the Dataiku Solutions panel.

  2. Click Add a Dataiku Solution, and locate the solution that interests you.

  3. Read the solution’s description, dependencies, and documentation to know if it’s the right solution for your needs.

  4. Select the solution. If all of the requirements are met, you can confirm, and the installation will be made.

Dataiku Cloud screenshot of the panel for adding a Dataiku solution.


It could take a few minutes before the project appears on your Dataiku instance.

FAQ | What if I can’t find the Dataiku solution I am looking for?

Only Dataiku solutions that have been tested to work on Dataiku Cloud are available in the Launchpad.

If you are interested in a solution listed here that is not found in the Launchpad, you can install it yourself, but it might not be fully supported:

  1. Install the prerequisites needed like Python environments or plugins.

  2. Download the .zip project file.

  3. Upload it on your Dataiku instance as a new project.