Plugins on Dataiku Cloud

Dataiku offers a system of plugins to extend the platform’s native functionality. Explore resources here for using plugins on Dataiku Cloud.

Reference | Default plugins

The Reverse Geocoding plugin is available by default on all Dataiku Cloud instances, and so does not need to be installed.

How-to | Add a plugin to your Dataiku Cloud space

As a fully managed offering, the process for installing plugins on your Dataiku Cloud space is not through the Plugin Store.

  1. From the Launchpad of your space, navigate to the Plugins panel.

  2. Click Add a Plugin.

  3. Search for the plugin you wish to install, and then click Install.

  4. Choose to install it on the Design node, Automation node, or both.

Dataiku screenshot of the add a plugin page.


After installation, newly-added plugins may take a few minutes to appear in your Dataiku Cloud space.

FAQ | What if I can’t find the plugin I want?

Some, but not all plugins from the Plugin Store are currently available in the Launchpad.

If you’re interested in a plugin not yet listed, please reach out via the Support chat widget on the Launchpad.