Work With R on Dataiku Cloud

Dataiku includes deep integration with R. Explore resources here for using R on Dataiku Cloud.

How-to | Install R

R version 4.1.3 is available for installation on Dataiku Cloud.


You have to be space admin to activate R and manage your R environments.

  1. As space admin, from the Launchpad of your space, navigate to the Extensions panel.

  2. Click Add an Extension.

  3. Click R and Confirm.


Installing R requires restarting your instance. This operation could take up to 25 minutes, and your instance will be unavailable during this time. Please ensure that you do not have any running tasks that would be interrupted.

How-to | Create an R code environment

Any R package can be used in Dataiku. There is no restriction to which packages can be installed and used.

  1. You must have R installed on your Dataiku Cloud instance and be space admin.

  2. As space admin, from the Launchpad of your space, navigate to the Code Envs panel.

  3. Click Add an R Code Environment.

  4. Enter a name for the new code env.

  5. Choose the packages you want to include. They must be between double quotes and one per line. Include specific versions where possible to ensure the stability of the code environment. You can later add packages to existing code environments if needed.



For more details, see the documentation to manage R packages in Dataiku.

Reference | R environments on the Automation node

As with Python environments, the Project Deployer manages the deployment of R environments on the Automation node. The ones required for a project will be created during the bundle creation.


For more information, see the reference documentation on how to deploy bundles with the Project Deployer.

FAQ | What packages are available for installation in a custom R environment?

Most packages on CRAN are available when creating an R code env. However, some packages require additional system dependencies, and Dataiku Cloud doesn’t support those.

Installation through Conda is not available on Dataiku Cloud.

Please contact support for more information.