An Introduction to Dataiku Applications

Dataiku Applications are a kind of DSS customization that allows you to reuse projects. A typical process for creating and using a Dataiku Application is:

  • A data scientist creates a DSS project, much as they normally would.

  • They realize the workflows in the project could be useful to colleagues.

  • Some just need the project as a starting point to do their own work, and create a duplicate.

  • Some want to actively participate in further development of this project, and create a branch.

  • Some simply need to apply the existing project’s workflow to new data, but don’t need to understand the details of the project. For this last group, a Dataiku Application is useful.

  • The data scientist (or app developer) converts the project into a Dataiku Application.

  • Each colleague using the application creates their own instance of the Dataiku Application.

Visual Applications and Applications-as-Recipes

Dataiku applications can be surfaced in two different ways:

  • Visual Applications allow you to package a project with a GUI on top, which empowers more people within an organization to leverage AI and self-service analytics.

  • Applications-as-Recipes allow you to package part of a Flow into a recipe usable in the Flows of other projects.


Before starting this course, you should already be familiar with: