Starting a Dataiku Cloud trial from Snowflake Partner Connect


By creating your Dataiku Cloud account through Snowflake Partner Connect you will benefit from:

  • An end-to-end AI solution up & running in minutes

  • 14 days of free Dataiku Cloud trial

  • Ready to use sample projects securely connected to your Snowflake account

  • The ability to easily create additional Snowflake connections so you can use Dataiku with your own data.

Note that if you already have a Dataiku Cloud account, you can also connect a Snowflake connection.


In order to use Snowflake Partner Connect, you will need a Snowflake account. If you do not have a Snowflake account you can sign up for a free trial.

Your Snowflake user needs to have ACCOUNTADMIN privilege in order to use Partner Connect. If you signed up for a Snowflake free trial, this role will be granted by default.

In case you created a new Snowflake user in an existing account, make sure this user is associated with the ACCOUNTADMIN role and has validated their email address (validation link found in User Preferences of the Snowflake console).

Important: the email address defined in Snowflake and the email address you will use to connect to Dataiku must match. Check that the email in Snowflake is indeed the one you intend to use for Dataiku registration

How to sign up

To sign up for a Dataiku Cloud trial from Snowflake Partner Connect, follow those steps:

Log in the Snowflake console

  • Verify that your user is operating under the ACCOUNTADMIN role

  • Navigate to Partner Connect

  • Select the Dataiku tile. Review the information and click Connect

  • Click on Activate to be redirected to Dataiku’s console and complete the trial registration process. You may decide to activate later.

In the Dataiku Cloud sign in console

  • Sign up using the pre-filled email address - this address must match the email of your Snowflake user. Same if you use Github or Google authentication, the email in those accounts must match the email in Snowflake.

  • Confirm your email using the verification email sent to your address

  • Accept the legal terms and conditions

  • Complete the additional user information

You are now in the Dataiku Cloud Launchpad

  • A Dataiku Space and DSS instance has automatically been created for you and may be powering up, use this time to explore how Dataiku Academy and Dataiku Community can help you get started with Dataiku.

  • Should you want to create a connection to a specific database in your Snowflake account, navigate to the ‘Features’ section of your Space (plug icon) and follow on screen instructions to add a Snowflake storage. (see these instructions)

Working with the sample projects

Two sample projects leveraging Snowflake are pre-loaded to your Dataiku Cloud instance when provisioned with Snowflake Partner Connect: Flight Delays Snowflake and Covid-19

In addition, creating a new project gives you access to other resources such as Tutorial guided projects and other sample projects. Those will not be specific to Snowflake.

Flight Delays Snowflake:

This project is immediately usable. When running the project, sample data is loaded to dedicated tables in the dedicated PC_DATAIKU_DB database using the connection that was automatically created by Partner Connect.


Running this project requires first to provision data from the Snowflake marketplace to the database PC_DATAIKU_DB. Using the Snowflake console, navigate to the Snowflake Data Marketplace and locate the COVID-19 Epidemiological Data provided by Starschema Connect to the database In the Snowflake console run the following SQL to copy the required tables to PC_DATAIKU_DB:

use database PC_DATAIKU_DB;
create or replace view JHU_COVID_19 as select * from COVID19.PUBLIC.JHU_COVID_19;