Hands-On: Install the Deep Learning Plugins

Deep learning models are powerful tools for image classification, but are difficult and expensive to create from scratch. Dataiku provides a plugin, Deep learning on images, that supplies a number of pre-trained deep learning models that you can use to classify images. You can also re-train a model to specialize it on a particular set of images, a process known as transfer learning.

Dataiku also provides a plugin, Object detection in images, that contains recipes and macros for things like drawing bounding boxes and detecting objects in both video and images.


Installing plugins requires Administrator privileges on the Dataiku DSS instance.

Install the Plugins

Open the Apps menu to search for the plugins.



Deep Learning on Images Plugin: While searching for the “Deep Learning on Images” plugin, you will notice there are two versions: one for working with GPUs and one for working with CPUs. Install the CPU version unless your instance of DSS is configured for GPUs.

To install the plugins:

  • Click Install.

  • Click Confirm Install.

  • Click Build New Environment.

DSS then installs all the required packages for you and creates the environment.