How-to | Grant per-project permissions#

On each project, you can configure an arbitrary number of groups who have access to a particular project. In this section, we’ll show you how to configure any number of groups to have access to a project and then assign permissions to each group.

By default, groups don’t have any access to a project.


While you can also control access to projects at the user level, Dataiku recommends using group settings as they are easier to manage.

Select groups#

To grant access to a group:

  1. Select the Select a group menu arrow, and then choose a group.

  2. Select +Grant Access to Group.

Dataiku now shows the group you added, along with permission options. In this example, we have selected multiple groups.


Assign permissions#

After you have defined which groups can access the project, you assign permissions.

To assign permissions:

  1. Select the checkbox for each project permission you want to assign.

  2. Save your changes.