Concept | AI Prepare#

The Prepare recipe is an integral tool in Dataiku for data transformation. AI Prepare adds even more power to this essential recipe.

Tell Dataiku what you want to accomplish in the Prepare recipe, and it will do the work for you!

A Dataiku screenshot highlighting the AI Prepare option of the Prepare recipe.


AI Prepare is not enabled by default. Administrators can enable AI Prepare under Administration > Settings > AI Services.

Adding steps with AI Prepare#

AI Prepare lets you type out in plain language what you want to achieve in the output dataset. It will then generate a group of steps based on your input using the available Dataiku processors.

Two side-by-side screenshots of the AI prepare step in a Prepare recipe. The first screenshot shows an example prompt, "Parse the purchase_date column dates and remove the old column." The second screenshot shows the two Prepare recipe steps that were generated by the prompt.

Some example prompts include:

  • Extract month from date column

  • Multiply columns item_price and items_purchased

  • Remove duplicates from user_id

  • Rename merchant to merchant_id

Refining results#

If you don’t get exactly the steps you’re looking for, the Refine button lets you clarify your prompt.

A Dataiku screenshot of the AI prepare step with the refined prompt "Name the new column purchase_date".

What’s next?#

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