FAQ | How can I get model monitoring metrics in a dataset format?#

The key Dataiku object for model monitoring is the model evaluation store. However, in many cases, you may want model monitoring metrics as a standalone dataset so it can serve as an input for other analyses.

You can achieve this in two ways:

  • When configuring an Evaluate recipe (at creation or from the Input/Output tab), one output option is adding a metrics dataset.

This option contains the main performance metrics, but not all the drift metrics.

Dataiku screenshot of the dialog for an Evaluate recipe highlighting the metrics dataset option.
  • Alternatively, you can create a metrics dataset from the Status tab of the model evaluation store itself.

This second approach is more complete and offers more options in terms of formats (if you go to the Settings tab of the resulting dataset).

Dataiku screenshot of the Status tab of a model evaluation store highlighting the option to create a metrics dataset.