Concept | Governance layers#

Information hierarchy#

Before you govern your first item, it is useful to understand the hierarchy of Dataiku items and how they are governed. Take a moment to understand this tree diagram that shows an example item hierarchy including some governance layers.

A tree diagram that shows the hierarchy of Dataiku items and potential governance layers.

You can govern any Dataiku item by adding a governance layer to it.

If you choose to govern a model, model version, or bundle, you will not have to govern other items at the same level of the tree. However, each parent item will have to be governed.


Be aware that business initiatives are not Dataiku items that can be governed. However, they remain at the top of our information hierarchy.

Govern items#

Remember that each item row has a Govern status. This will either show you a preview of its status in a govern workflow, or it will display a Govern button.

If you decide to govern an item, you can click this Govern button to get started. You can also click the Govern button in the right Details panel.

A window will appear asking you to choose some initial govern configurations, as shown here:

Dataiku Govern screenshot of the Govern a Project window.

Clicking Govern on this window will create a new Govern artifact where you can choose a workflow, add project qualifications, and connect a business initiative if applicable.