How-to | Generate and export Flow documentation#

Dataiku makes it possible to create and export a snapshot of your Flow, including:

  • A project description

  • An image of the Flow

  • Details of each dataset, recipe, and folder

Flow documentation helps project teams make their data processes more transparent and explainable to others for AI governance and collaboration purposes.

Export the documentation#

To export Flow documentation for your project:

  1. From the Flow, click on Flow Actions in the bottom right.

  2. Choose Export documentation.

  3. You can upload a custom template, but for now choose Use the default template and Export.

  4. After the Flow documentation is ready, choose Download.

  5. Open the downloaded document, which is formatted for Microsoft Word, and refresh the table of contents to view the complete documentation.

Export flow documentation from the Flow Actions menu in the Flow.


To create a template customized to your company’s needs, you can edit the format and variable references in a Microsoft Word file and supply your own custom template to the Flow Document Generator.

For more detailed information, visit the reference documentation page Flow Document Generator.


To export this documentation in a scenario, see How-to | Automate documentation exports in a scenario.