Concept | Govern item pages

Dataiku Govern lets you create governance layers on various Dataiku items. Let’s introduce you to Govern item pages, where you can explore and edit different item details.

Govern project page

We’ll start with a Govern project page. The header of a project page:

  • displays the project name,

  • lets you edit, delete, or archive the project,

  • shows you your assigned roles for the project,

  • and lets you check project dependencies.

A screenshot of a Govern project page highlighting the header.

Looking more closely, we can see that the dependency icon in the header opens a graph view of your project so you can see a nested view of your project items. Here, you can also see each item’s workflow. This view is accessible on all item pages.

A screenshot of one dependency graph of a project.


Now, looking at the left menu, we see a few different options. First, each Govern project has an Overview that should be defined at the start of every project. The Overview section allows you to set up the project description, project type and scope, related items, sign-off settings, and qualification snapshot.


Under the Overview section, you can see the Workflow. The workflow will tell you about your project’s progress. You can click on each step of the workflow for more information. Note that you can only move on to the next step in the workflow once you mark a step as finished.


In the Attachments section, you’ll be able to view references and files related to the project.


The Timeline section provides a history of any changes made to the projects. The history will include the date, time, and author of the change so you can track and audit project updates.

Dataiku objects

Clicking on Dataiku Objects will take you to a page with all of your Dataiku project information, as well as information about related items such as models, bundles, and datasets.

More Govern item pages

Govern model, Govern model version, and Govern bundle pages use a similar template to the Govern project pages. You’ll only find differences in the Overview and Workflow sections of each item.

Additionally, you can navigate between these pages using page breadcrumbs. These breadcrumbs are directly correlated to the item hierarchy. You can move through related govern items here.

A screenshot highlighting the breadcrumbs on an item page.

To review, each Govern item page has a header, a left menu, and breadcrumbs for navigation. Use this information to start configuring your Govern items and navigating dependencies.