How-to | Manage code environment properties#

To manage the properties of a code environment:

  1. Go to Administration > Code Envs.

  2. Select an environment.

Properties page of a code environment.

Adding Packages#

Managed code environments are created with a set of base packages which correspond to the mandatory and recommended packages that you selected to install when creating the environment. Your current settings require these packages. Therefore, you cannot remove them or modify their version constraints. However, you can add additional packages.

To add packages to a code environment:

  1. Open the Packages to install panel.

  2. Select sets of packages to add.

See also

For more details, visit Add packages.

Defining Permissions#

By defining permissions, you can limit which groups have access to use and update a code environment.

To configure permissions for a code environment:

  1. Open the Permissions panel.

  2. Select a group to which you want to grant access.

  3. Click + Grant Access to Group and then apply permissions.

Configurable permissions include:

  • Use. This property defines which groups are allowed to use a code environment.

  • Update settings & packages. This property defines which groups can update settings and change included packages.

  • Admin. This property gives a group full administrative control over the code environment.