Concept | Governable items

Let’s look at the Governable items page, or your first stop to select which items to govern.

You can use this page as an inbox to view projects and models that haven’t been governed. Any new items created in a connected Design node will also show up here.


The Governable items page is a high-level view of your items. In other words, this page will show you information about projects and models. Be aware that it does not provide information about model versions and bundles; those can be found in the Model registry and Bundle registry pages, respectively.

Refined results

By default, the toggle at the top of the table is set to Ungoverned. However, you can change all of the filters on the page to narrow the results. You can filter using the:

  • Ungoverned - Governed - All button

  • Search

  • Dataiku project dropdown

  • Visible items dropdown

Dataiku Govern screenshot of the Governable Items page with the filters highlighted.

To begin project prioritization, you can choose to hide certain items. Notice that each item in the table has an eye icon on the far-right of the row. If you determine that it is not relevant for an item to be governed, you can click the eye to hide the item.


Keep in mind that you will still be able to find the item, but it will be grayed out when you see it. If you decide later to govern that item, you can unhide the row.

Projects and models

Let’s explore the rows in the Governable items page. Each row contains:

  • the item name,

  • a link to the related Dataiku item page,

  • the govern status,

  • the number of child items,

  • the creation data,

  • and the Dataiku instance that the project comes from.

Further, each row in this table has a dropdown arrow next to the project name. When you click the arrow, you will see all of the models related to that project.

Dataiku Govern screenshot of a project and its models.

Details panel

Throughout Dataiku Govern, you will find extra information on the right in the Details panel about any item. This panel provides a summary of all important information associated with the item.

The panel will always have an Overview tab and a Source objects tab, indicated by the icons highlighted below.

Dataiku Govern screenshot highlighting the tabs on the details panel.

The Overview tab displays the information configured in the governed item overview. If the item is not governed, this panel will not have this information.

The Source objects tab provides details about the Dataiku item.

In sum, the Governable items page provides a first touch point where you can view projects and models to decide whether or not to govern them.