Concept | Dataiku Design homepage#

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The Dataiku Design homepage is like the default page of a website. It’s where you land:

  • When you sign in to your Dataiku design instance via your web browser, if you’re using a self-managed installation.

  • When you open an instance from the Launchpad, if you’re using Dataiku Cloud.

It’s where you will be able to see shared projects if you are collaborating with colleagues or other users, and create new ones.

A screenshot of the Dataiku homepage showing how to create a new project.

By default, projects appear at the top. And below, you will see additional sections, including:

You can search for items using the Filter items box at the top of the screen. Or find recent and favorite items on the right sidebar.

Homepage customization#

You can customize your homepage to fit the way you want to work. For example, you can configure your homepage so that project folders or dashboards display first or to make workspaces your default homepage.

To configure your homepage:

  1. Visit your profile and settings in the upper right.

  2. In Design homepage layout, arrange the sections in any order you choose.

Configurable Dataiku homepage profile settings.

Applications menu#

The Applications menu is where you’ll find:

  • Access to your workspaces, projects, applications, feature stores, wikis, etc.

  • A searchable data catalog which indexes and details all project artifacts including datasets.

  • Access to administration settings at the instance level for on-premise installation, including the management of the license, connections, security, code environments, etc.


    On Dataiku Cloud, the administration settings are accessible in the launchpad. There is no Administration menu in the Applications menu.

  • A plugin library and possibility for developers to create custom plugins.

Screenshot of the Applications menu.

What’s next?#

This article introduced you to the Dataiku homepage. Continue getting to know the basics of Dataiku by learning about catalog and global search.