How-to | Control access to code environments#

In this section, we’ll show you how to control who has the rights to manage and use a particular code environment.

Assign an owner#

The owner owns the code environment and has all permissions by default. To assign or transfer ownership:

  1. Select the Owner menu arrow, and then choose a user.

  2. If you are transferring ownership, select Confirm and then Save.

Limit which groups can view the code environment#

By default, all Dataiku users on the instance can see the code environment and choose to use it. You can change this and choose to configure which groups can view the code environment.

To limit which groups can view the code environment:

  1. Clear the Usable by all checkbox.

  2. Select Save.

Now you are ready to select groups and assign permissions.

Select groups#

  1. Select the Select a Group menu arrow, and then choose a group.

  2. Select +Grant Access to Group.

  3. Repeat for each group you want to add.

Dataiku now shows the group you added, along with permission options.

Assign permissions#

  1. Select the checkbox for each permission you want to assign according to the per-resource permissions table

  2. Select Save to save your changes.