Concept | Introduction to shared code#

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In this lesson, we’ll introduce two of the most common ways that you can access and share frequently-used code in Dataiku: project libraries and code samples.

Having reusable code enhances the collaborative experience for all users on the Dataiku instance, reduces the time required to code, and can help improve consistency.

Project libraries allow you to create and share your code library. Once created, you can share the code within the same project, such as within recipes and with other projects on the same instance.

Dataiku screenshot of a project library.

Code samples allow you to create and share your own frequently used code snippets in notebooks, recipes, and when creating custom algorithms, to name a few.

Dataiku screenshot of a code recipe showing available code samples.

What’s next?#

In upcoming lessons in this course, we’ll discuss these concepts in more detail.

We’ll even look at ways we can import code from a Git repository into our project library.