Tip | Best practices for notebook development between GitHub and Dataiku#

You will notice that Dataiku allows you to push your changes to a notebook back to the external git repository. This offers a powerful opportunity to share development of the notebook between Dataiku users and those working outside Dataiku, but there are some best practices to be aware of.

Namely, Dataiku is not a conflict resolution program.

  • When you pull changes from the remote repository, local changes are overwritten by the remote.

  • When you push changes from Dataiku, changes on the remote are overwritten by the local.

So if you do want to share development of a notebook between GitHub and Dataiku, you should:

  1. Create a branch on the git remote on which notebook development on Dataiku will occur.

  2. Edit the notebook reference in Dataiku to use this branch.

  3. Develop the notebook in Dataiku, then commit & push your changes to the remote repository.

  4. In GitHub, merge this branch back into the main branch, resolving any conflicts.

Edit Notebook reference dialog

For further details, see the reference documentation on importing notebooks from Git.