Reference | “Allow write” and “Allow managed datasets” usage parameters#

In this article, we’ll discuss the following usage parameters which are common to all connection types:

  • Allow write

  • Allow managed datasets

Usage Parameters section of the Connections tab within DSS settings.

“Allow Write” usage parameter#

The Allow write usage parameter specifies whether DSS is allowed to write datasets through the connection. One example is uploading a dataset and modifying its metadata.


Even when the dedicated service account that you used to configure the connection is able to write on the backend, you’ll still need to activate the Allow write usage parameter to allow DSS to write datasets via the connection.

“Allow Managed Datasets” usage parameter#

The Allow managed datasets usage parameter specifies whether users can create managed datasets through the connection. For more information, visit Managed and external datasets.

The Allow managed datasets usage parameters can vary based on the connection type. See cloud storage and SQL databases for two examples.