Tutorial | Explore the Flow#

The Flow is the visual representation of your project pipeline.

In this tutorial, we’ll use a project that contains a few datasets and visual recipes (Prepare, Group and Join), so we can review the Flow.

Get started#


In this tutorial, you will:

  • Learn about features for understanding a Flow.

  • Understand Dataiku’s visual grammar.

Create the project#

To create the project:

  1. From the Dataiku Design homepage, click + New Project > DSS tutorials > Core Designer > Explore the Flow.


You can also download the starter project from this website and import it as a zip file.

Explore Dataiku’s visual grammar#

Take some time to study the Flow. You’ll notice that shapes and colors have specific meanings in Dataiku.

  • A blue square represents a dataset.

  • A yellow circle represents a visual recipe.

  • The icons on the objects indicate the type of dataset or recipe.


As you build more advanced projects, you’ll see more of this visual grammar on display:

  • A diamond shape for machine learning models.

  • The color green for all machine learning elements.

  • Orange circles for code recipes and (often) red for plugin recipes.

  • Black squares for datasets shared from other projects.

What’s next?#

Continue to the tutorial on Flow zones to learn more about how to use zones to improve the readability of your Flow.