Learn about how to use discussions on Dataiku objects to share knowledge with collaborators.

Reference | Managing discussions

A discussion allows team members to have conversations about a Dataiku object. You can start a discussion in any Dataiku object, and follow it by visiting that object, in your centralized Dataiku inbox, or receive email notifications.

Discussion notifications

When you are mentioned in a discussion in which you are not already participating, that mention shows up in your notifications list; however, you are not automatically added to the discussion. That is, you cannot be forced to participate in the discussion. You can click the link to the discussion from the notifications list, and once you’ve added to the discussion, you can follow the discussion from your Discussions inbox.


Discussions inbox

You can track and respond to all of your discussions from the inbox, which is accessible from the applications menu or the top of the notifications list.


Email notifications for discussions

If your administrator sets up an SMTP messaging channel, you can receive email notifications when there are additions to discussions you’re a part of.

How-to | Create a discussion about a Dataiku object

Within any Dataiku object, click on the icon to open the Discussions dialog, then click +New Discussion. You then type the message to start the discussion, and can make full use of the supported markdown, most commonly using @ to mention users by name.