How-to | Import an Excel workbook#

When importing an Excel workbook with multiple sheets into Dataiku, you may wish to:

  • Import all (or a selection of) sheets into one Dataiku dataset.

  • Import each sheet into its own Dataiku dataset (creating one dataset per sheet).

Upload the workbook#

  1. From the upper right corner of the Flow, click + Dataset > Upload your files.

  2. Click Select Files, and choose your Excel workbook.

Import a selection of sheets as one dataset#

  1. On the dialog for a new uploaded files dataset, click Configure Format.

  2. Beneath the dataset preview, adjust the Sheets selection field, as needed.

  3. You may also want to Add the sheet name as an output column.

  4. After making any other format or schema adjustments, click Create.

Dataiku screenshot of importing an Excel workbook natively.

Import each sheet as its own dataset#

  1. Install the Excel sheet importer plugin.

  2. Upload the workbook. (Repeat the steps from the Upload the workbook section).

  3. Click Upload to a Managed Folder.

  4. Give the folder a label name, and click Create.

  5. Open the Actions menu of the right panel.

  6. In the Other actions section at the bottom, click Excel .xlsx sheets importer.

  7. In the dialog, click Run Macro.

Dataiku screenshot of importing an Excel workbook with the importer plugin.