Concept | Discussions#

The Discussions feature in Dataiku allows you and your colleagues to have quick conversations within Dataiku objects.

Dataiku screenshot of an open discussion on a Dataiku project.

Finding discussions#

Discussion can be found in:

  • Projects

  • Datasets

  • Recipes

  • Notebooks

  • Models

  • Dashboards and insights

  • Workspaces and workspace objects

You will either see a chat icon in the project navigation bar, or you will find a discussions tab in the right panel.

A Dataiku screenshot highlighting the chat icon in the navigation.

A Dataiku screenshot highlighting the discussions tab in the right panel.

New discussions#

You can create multiple discussion threads on one page. Resolved discussions will not appear unless you enable Show resolved discussions in the top right of the discussions panel.

A Dataiku screenshot showing the "Show resolved discussions" option in the Discussions panel.

If you want complete steps on how to create a new discussion, visit How-to | Start discussions in a Dataiku object.

What’s next?#

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