Concept | Governed projects#

One way to see an overview of your governed projects is to find them in the Governable items page. However, a better way to review these projects is to explore the Governed projects page.

There are two views for this page: the Matrix view and the Kanban view.

Matrix View#

The Matrix view of this page provides both a table and a matrix of your Govern projects. As shown in the image below, the matrix is a plot of projects on a gradient. This can help you decide which projects are worth investing in.

Dataiku Govern screenshot highlighting the artifact matrix on the governed projects page.

You can change the X and Y axes using the dropdown selections above the matrix. By default, you can choose fields such as risk score, value rating, and feasibility rating for the axes.

Selecting a plot point will filter the table on the left such that it only includes the projects that correspond to that point.

Kanban View#

You can also select a Kanban view of the Governed Projects page. To do so, click the Kanban button in the page header:

Dataiku Govern screenshot of the Kanban view on the governed projects page.

The Kanban layout provides an overview of all of your Govern projects according to their workflow state. This presents the progress of the work being done in a visual format.

The first Kanban board on the page always displays the Dataiku Standard workflow. You can scroll down to expand boards that utilize custom workflows.

Dataiku Govern screenshot of collapsed custom Kanban boards.


If you applied filters in the Matrix view, these filters will also be applied in the Kanban view.

Create Govern project#

This far, you’ve learned about the different ways to view your governed projects. However, this page provides an additional function: to create projects.

This means that if you want to initiate the governance process, but don’t yet have a Dataiku project in DSS, you can still begin the Govern project workflow. You just have to click the Create button in the top right to do so.


To link your Govern project to a Dataiku project later on, you can do so when you first govern the Dataiku project.

A screenshot of the choose any project option in the Govern a Project window.