Reference | User identity#

In general, user identity includes elements used to uniquely identify a user, such as:

  • Login

  • Name

  • Email

  • Profile


Administrators can manage users by visiting the Administration menu and navigating to the Security tab as described in User Identity & Authentication.

Local database#

When DSS identifies users through a local database, the DSS instance is the source of the information. The administrator manages and manually enters user information per instance directly in the Security tab of the Administration menu. This can happen via the user interface or through API calls. The data cannot be shared across instances.


DSS can retrieve user information through Active Directory (AD) lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP).

When adding a new user through the Security tab on an instance, for example, the administrator visits the Security tab, selects to add a new user. and sets the user type to LDAP.

Dataiku signs in, checks the user in the external LDAP, and automatically creates the user in Dataiku.