Tip | The impact of instance template modifications on other elements#

SaaS model#

The deployment model offered by Fleet Manager is most similar to a SaaS model, where Dataiku is used as a service deployed by its management tool using settings and assets that have been configured earlier by Dataiku.

Dataiku instance lifecycle#

A Dataiku instance is destroyed and reprovisioned many times during its lifecycle. Instances are temporary, and only the data disk is kept when reprovisioning or upgrading.

Monitoring tools#

Since Dataiku instances are temporary, it is a recommended best practice to minimize customizations or installation of monitoring tools. It is okay to install lightweight agents such as those that acknowledge the Dataiku instance in your organization’s network. You can do this by running ansible tasks in the Setup actions in your instance template.

Dataiku releases and security patches#

Fleet Manager follows the same release cycle as Dataiku DSS (Dataiku). The image template (such as the AMI or Azure image template) is updated at every Dataiku release. The image template is configured with the best settings for Dataiku and the latest security patches available at the time of creation.