How-to | Undo actions in Dataiku#

Because every action in a Dataiku project is automatically recorded in a Git repository, you can revert or “undo” any actions taken by mistake.

This can be achieved in two ways:

  • Revert to a previous revision of the project (safe).

  • Revert a single commit (more risky as it can create inconsistencies depending on the commit being reverted).

In the example below, we have created a project and deleted a recipe by mistake. In order to revert the project to its state before deleting the recipe:

  1. From the More options menu in the top navigation bar, click Version Control, and see the project’s Git history.

  2. Click on the message or ID of the commit to which you want to revert the project (the commit immediately before deleting the recipe).

  3. Click Revert to this Revision, and click Confirm.

This action adds one new commit to the Git history shown below.

Dataiku screenshot of a project's version control git history.

To recap, this example has four commits in its Git history. Starting from the bottom:

  • Two for project creation.

  • One for deleting a recipe.

  • One for reverting the project to the commit before deleting the recipe.


The project’s Git repository does not track the data inside the project. For example, if you were to modify and run a recipe, and then revert the latest commit to the project’s previous state, the recipe’s output dataset will be out of sync.


See the reference documentation for more details on Version control of projects or gain practice using more advanced features of this integration in a tutorial.