Reference | Understand source data for filters#

The values in a filter come from a chosen column (or columns) in one source dataset, or directly in one Existing tile.

  1. When this filter is activated, you’ll notice a filter icon in the top right corner of each insight.

  2. Hover over the filter icon to see the tooltip for each insight.

The tooltip says Data is filtered, and sometimes the tooltip also notes a risk of inconsistency because the datasets are different.

Dataiku screenshot of an insight inconsistent with a filter due to different source datasets.

In this case, the tooltip alerts us to the fact that the source dataset of the filter is different from the source dataset of the other insights. Accordingly, we need to be particularly careful about using a filter on a dashboard slide with insights from different source datasets.

It is possible to change the source data from the filter tile.

  1. In the dashboard’s Edit mode, return to the Tile tab of the filter tile.

  2. Click Change Source Dataset > Other Dataset.

  3. Choose a new source data for your filter.

  4. Save the change.

To change the source data of a filter, the filter must be deleted first and recreated.

  1. From the Edit mode, click on the filter to change.

  2. Click on the More options button.

  3. Select Remove filter.

  4. Create a new filter with the relevant source data.

  5. Save the change.