How-to | Reorder or hide dataset columns#

In many cases, you might want to reorder the columns of a dataset. In other situations, you might just want to temporarily hide columns from view. Both actions can easily be achieved with Dataiku.

Reorder columns#

In a Prepare recipe (or a Visual Analysis in the Lab), use the Move columns processor to alter the order of columns. This processor can be implemented by adding a new step from the processor library. Or more easily, by manually clicking on a column name and dragging it to the desired position. With large numbers of columns, switching from the default table view to the columns view often makes dragging columns even easier.

Hide columns#

Instead of changing the order of columns, you may just want to temporarily hide certain columns or select which ones to view.

When viewing any dataset:

  1. Use the Display dropdown menu towards the top right corner.

  2. Choose Select displayed columns.

  3. Choose to display all columns, or a specific subset of columns, without affecting the actual dataset.



To quickly find a particular column, press the C key while viewing a dataset. Doing so opens a column spotlight search. Enter a column name to ensure that it is included in the view of currently displayed columns.