How-to | Remap a connection when importing a project to a Dataiku instance#

If you try to import a Dataiku project containing a certain connection onto an instance where that connection name does not exist, the import will fail, alerting you to the missing connection.

To resolve the error, you need to remap the connection name from the origin project to a new connection in the destination Dataiku instance.

  1. On the project import dialog, click + Add Remapping in the Connection remapping section.

  2. On the left, enter the name of the connection in the origin project needing to be remapped.

  3. On the right, select a compatible connection on the destination instance.

  4. Click Import.

Dataiku screenshot of dialog for remapping the connections when importing a project.


It’s possible that the name of a connection in the origin project is identical to a connection name in the destination instance, but they refer to different databases. In this case, the project import process would not throw an error.

However, if the destination Dataiku instance must be connected to the same database as the first instance (where the project was created), and the connection names are identical, be sure to remap your connection in the second instance to a different one.

In general, you should avoid connecting the second Dataiku instance to the same database used in the first instance. Otherwise, you can encounter an undesirable situation where both the original project (in the first Dataiku instance) and the imported project (in the second Dataiku instance) will write to the same SQL tables. Therefore, computing a dataset in one instance would overwrite the identically-named dataset in the other instance because both datasets read from the same table.


For more information, see Export/Import Project Options in the reference documentation.