Concept | Workflows and project qualification#

A workflow is a sequential series of steps to track the progress of an item. Dataiku Govern comes with a standard workflow for projects, model versions, and bundles.

Workflows are initiated when you govern an item. This is why a progress bar appears in the Govern status column of a project when it is governed. The progress bar is a reflection of the workflow, which can be found on an item page.

Dataiku Govern screenshot highlighting the Workflow section in the left sidebar of a project.

Click on any step in the workflow to view notes and documents related to that step.

Workflow steps#

Each type of item in Dataiku Govern has its own default workflow. Here, let’s focus on a project workflow.

A project workflow has five steps:

  • Exploration

  • Qualification

  • In Progress

  • Validation and Roll-out

  • Delivered

In order to advance through the workflow, you must click the Edit button in the top-right corner of the page.

At the start of a new project, all workflow steps are set to Not Started. When moving on to the next step, mark the previous step as Finished.

When you are finished, remember to click Save to preserve your edits.

Project qualification in the workflow#

A key step in the project workflow is the Qualification step. This step lets you qualify your projects to prioritize your work. More specifically:

For each project you will be able to:

  • Edit the value rating.

  • Edit the risk rating.

  • Assign a feasibility rating.


If defined, these ratings are inherited from the Overview section. However, you can double check and confirm them here.

In addition to choosing these ratings, you can:

  • Add a resulting decision.

  • Make comments on that decision.

  • Define a project plan.

  • Add any additional notes you may need.

Dataiku Govern screenshot of the project qualification step in a project workflow.


Some of this information defined during project qualification will appear again in the Governed projects page. For more details, check out the documentation on our Governed projects page.

Explore different item workflows on your own to discover how you can utilize our various workflow steps.