How-to | Point DSS to a custom Python package repository#

You can configure DSS to point to a specific package repository. One example is an offline system where access to internet-hosted package repositories is forbidden.


Configuring access to custom package repositories requires administrator rights.

To instruct Pip to point to a specific package repository:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Misc.

  2. In Extra options for ‘pip install’, specify the –index-url option and provide the address to the repository.

In our example, we’ve included the “–trusted-host” option to allow the install of a package over a connection without a verified SSL certificate.


You do not need to restart DSS for these changes to take effect.

Extra options for 'pip install' in the Misc. section of the administrator settings.

When Python code environments attempt to install new packages via pip, Dataiku points to the repository you specified.