Concept | Searching in Dataiku#

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Dataiku provides multiple ways to search for online help, datasets, recipes, projects, and other Dataiku items.

Data Catalog#

The Data Catalog, accessible from the Applications menu, is the recommended way to search for datasets in Dataiku.

In it, you can:

  • Find curated data collections.

  • View information about datasets.

  • Reuse them in your own projects.

  • Import tables from external connections.

Screenshot of the Data Catalog.

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Search DSS Items#

Search DSS Items, found in the Applications menu, is another way to search across projects and data sources in Dataiku. This page allows you to explore DSS items in further detail than you can through the Global Search bar.

Screenshot of search dss items in the menu.

To manage search results, you can sort or apply filters by type of item, associated projects, tags, and contributors. Select any item to view details such as projects, tags, and schema. Click on an item name to go directly to that item.

Screenshot of the search dss items page.

What’s next?#

In this article, you learned how to search for assets in a Dataiku project by using the Global search and the Catalog. Continue getting to know the basics of Dataiku by learning about collaboration.