How-to | Install a plugin on a self-managed instance#


To install plugins, you must have permission to install plugins, and your Dataiku instance must have HTTPS connectivity to the internet. If you do not have access to the internet, you can install existing plugins from the store by uploading a Zip file or fetching from Git repository.

To install a plugin from the plugin store:

  1. Search for the plugin you want to install and click Install.

  2. Click Confirm Install.

If the plugin requires a dedicated code environment:

  1. Accept the default option Managed by DSS (recommended). If you want to manage the code environment manually, select Managed manually. Optionally, you can also select to use Conda or a specific Python environment.

  2. Click Build New Environment. Dataiku displays Environment creation.

  3. Wait until Dataiku creates the environment and displays Creation result, then click OK.

  4. Click Next to accept the code environment. Alternatively, If you want to change the code environment, click Change. Once completed, Dataiku displays a success message.

  5. Click Go to Plugin Page to view the installed plugin.