Reference | Usage parameters for cloud storage#

As an example of how the “Allow managed datasets” usage parameters varies based on connection type, let’s look at the usage parameters for an Amazon S3 connection.

Managed datasets and folder section of the Connections tab within DSS settings.

Managed datasets & folders#

With an S3 connection, you can define a default bucket and path to force managed datasets to be created from a specific zone.

Naming rules for new datasets and folders#

You can prepend (prefix) and append (suffix) a dataset with fixed values or paths. You can also use variables such as ${projectKey} which refers to the project ID.

You can also define a specific metastore database name, and apply the same prefix and suffix mechanism to metastore table names.


These settings are only applied when a user creates a new managed dataset or folder. To apply these settings to an existing managed dataset or folder, you can use the dataset settings.