How-to | Automatically attribute profiles and groups to users#


This feature is only available if single sign-on (SSO) is activated on your space. Ensure you map the correct attribute to groups.

  1. Once your SSO is set, go to your space Launchpad.

  2. Navigate to the Users, Profiles & Groups panel and then the SSO User Mapping tab.

In this menu, you can set rules to automatically attribute profiles and groups to users when they first join your instance, based on the information you map to groups:

Default User Profile

The profile given to users if there is no matching profile mapping or if there is no seat available for the profile requested.

Profile Mapping

The profile attributed to a user depending on the groups in your SSO.

Group Mapping

The groups to which a user will be added depending on the groups in your SSO.


This mapping can be overwritten from the invitation modal.


When a user joins, if no profile seat is available, we will attribute the guest profile. This prevents the user from accessing your instance until you attribute another profile.