Concept | Using Govern


Welcome to Dataiku Govern, your centralized space for AI governance. Let’s navigate through key Dataiku Govern pages, so you’ll be comfortable enough to explore on your own.

A screenshot of the Govern homepage.

Govern homepage

We’ll start with the Govern homepage. The top navigation bar lets you access different settings and configurations. Clicking on the Applications menu, you can find the Blueprint Designer, Custom pages designer, Roles and Permissions, and Administration. Keep in mind that most users won’t need to access these pages.

Next, the menu navigation bar and the tiles on the homepage both point to pages you’ll access often. From here, for a high level understanding of your governed projects, take a look at the Business Initiatives page.

Business initiatives

This page displays a list of business initiatives, or items that allow projects to be grouped together by shared business goals. You can use business initiatives to define certain project criteria or to compare progress across similar projects.

Governable items

The Governable items page is an inbox that lists all of the projects and models in your Dataiku cluster. From here, you can prioritize items that are good candidates for governance.

Model registry

You’ll find a similar interface in the Model registry. Here, you can explore a list of your models, drill down to find different model versions, decide whether or not to govern a row, and track model metrics for governed models.

Bundle registry

The Bundle registry exists parallel to the Model registry. This page will show you all of the bundles, or project versions, that can be governed or are already governed.

Governed projects

Last is the Governed projects page. This page lets you access and analyze your governed projects. This view is valuable for the Matrix and Kanban views that show a visual comparison of projects. In other words, you can use these views for project prioritization.