Concept | Tags#

Tags are a universal property of all Dataiku objects that allow you to organize your work by categorizing these objects. They can be set at different levels, from a project to an object of the Flow. They can also help you organize your work within projects and make it discoverable across the Dataiku instance.

Project tags#

Depending on your writing rights of a project, project tags can be used to categorize a project. Also, they are helpful for improving search results, especially in the Data Catalog. Thus, projects are easily discoverable by other colleagues according to what they seek, enhancing collaboration. Also, the tags can be renamed or deleted at your convenience.

Screenshot of project tag.

Object tags#

Tags can be used at a lower level for objects like models, notebooks, webapps, dashboards, and even wiki articles to document their purpose and categorize them. For example, they let you quickly identify:

  • If a model has a regression or classification task.

  • If a webapp is used for analytics.

  • What type of data is treated within a dashboard.

  • The audience of the wiki article.

Screenshot of project tag.

Tags view in the Flow#

Tags are also available for objects within the Flow such as datasets, recipes, and managed folders. Moreover, tags can be applied directly to a list of objects.

The Tags view provides a view of the Flow with the objects colored by tag, rather than by type of object. It also shows a small dot at the lower right of each icon so that even when a tag is not selected in the view, you can see that the object is tagged. You can also easily identify which objects in the Flow are not tagged.

Screenshot of project tag.

Tag categories#

Tag categories can be used to group tags and create common tags across instances. They are an administrative tool set at a global level to improve governance and consistency. You can easily notice tag categories by their specific format: <category> + : + <tag>. Once created and saved, tags from global tag categories act like any other tag.


You must have the Administrator permission on your Dataiku instance in order to manage tag categories. Dataiku Cloud users can skip this section.

Screenshot of global tag categories.

What’s next?#

If interested, you can explore our Tags & Object Descriptions page to learn some tips about tags!