Concept | Sync Recipe#

The Sync recipe lets you duplicate or copy an existing dataset in the Flow.

Use case#

One reason you may want to use the Sync recipe is to copy your data into another database.

For example, if you have uploaded a dataset to Dataiku, there may be a time when you want this data in SQL. The Sync recipe lets you store the output dataset into SQL (or another connected database).

Dataiku screenshot of the Sync recipe configuration page.

Sync configuration#

The main information that the Sync recipe needs is an Input and Output dataset. You also have the option to Resync Schema if the input dataset’s schema changes.

Settings dropdown#



Strict schema equality

Makes the output schema match the input schema when the recipe is re-run or synchronized.

Free output schema (name-based matching)

Ensures that the Sync recipe never updates the output schema. Only data in columns that match in name will be synchronized.

What’s next?#

To learn more about the Sync recipe in relation to partitioning and recipe engines, visit the reference documentation on the Sync recipe.