How-to | Export a wiki to a PDF#

Your data team has documented a project using wikis in Dataiku, but now you need to share that knowledge with stakeholders who do not have access to the project. Learn how to export a wiki from Dataiku to PDF.


You will need a Dataiku instance set up to export to PDF.

Export from the wiki#

  1. From the Actions menu of a wiki, select Export to PDF.

  2. Choose the correct export settings and click Export.

A wiki's Export to PDF dialog.

Export from a scenario#

One way to automate wiki exports is to create a scenario step that exports the PDF to a managed folder. The PDF is then directly accessible to anyone with permissions on the folder, or can be redistributed through further code.

A scenario with a step to export a wiki to a folder.

Another way is to attach the PDF export to a scenario reporter in the scenario settings.

A scenario with a reporter that attaches a wiki export

For further details, see the reference documentation on wikis.