Concept | Model and bundle registries

In this section, we will delve deeper into the Model Registry and Bundle Registry pages. These pages are useful for more specific and in-depth records of your models, model versions, and bundles. This way, you can choose to govern at deeper levels of the Dataiku object hierarchy. Let’s take a look.


These pages use the same template as the Governable Items page. If you are familiar with that page already, this lesson should be a breeze.

Model registry

The Model Registry page provides a list of all of the models from your connected Dataiku nodes. You can refine your results by using the search or through filtering by Dataiku project and Governed status.

Notice that each row in this page has a dropdown arrow on the left. Unlike in the Governable Items page, the Model Registry page allows you to go deeper into the item hierarchy and access model versions.

Click on a model version and look at the Details panel on the right. Model versions have an additional tab: the Model Metrics tab, which pulls metrics from the design node.

Dataiku Govern screenshot highlighting the Model Metrics and Deployments tabs in the Details Panel of a model version.

Bundle registry

Similarly, the Bundle Registry page contains a list of all of your bundles in Dataiku. You can refine your results using the search or through filtering by Dataiku project or Governed Status.

Your bundles will appear in their respective project.

Dataiku Govern screenshot of the bundle registry page.