Tip | Embed a dashboard in Dataiku Govern#


This feature is only available for Dataiku Govern Advanced users.

Dashboards let you share data insights quickly with relevant colleagues and other stakeholders. Because of this, it can be advantageous to embed a dashboard from your Dataiku Design instance in your Dataiku Govern instance. You can do so with the Custom Pages Designer.

Add a dashboard to a custom page#

To add a dashboard to a page:

  1. Open the Custom Pages Designer.

  2. Create a new page or navigate to the page where you would like to add the dashboard.

  3. Next to Content Display Type, choose Custom HTML.

  4. Copy and paste this snippet into the HTML field.

    width="100%" />
  5. Copy the URL of the dashboard and append ?fullScreen=true to the end.

  6. Paste this URL in the quotes next to src.

  7. Save your changes.

Now you should be able to see the dashboard in your custom page!