Reference | Work with Python in Dataiku Cloud#

Dataiku has a deep integration with Python that allows you to write Python code in many places of the platform. Explore resources here for working with Python specifically with Dataiku Cloud.

You have three options for working with Python environment on Dataiku Cloud:

  • Use the Dataiku built-in environment (as you would normally find on a Dataiku instance).

  • Use one of the three additional Python environments (datascience, dash, and time_series), which are available by default.

  • Create a custom one and choose the packages to include.

Create a Python code environment on Dataiku Cloud#

  1. To create your own Python environment, activate the Enable Custom Code Envs option in the Code Envs panel of your Launchpad.

  2. Then create a custom code environment in your Dataiku instance.

In this panel you can also find:

  • The list of your Python environments and their build status,

  • Options to select the global default environment, and the default for the RAG or PII features.