Troubleshoot | My R recipes aren’t working after upgrading or migrating my instance#

The first thing to check when this happens is whether or not the R version has been upgraded on your instance. If so, since R does not maintain binary compatibility, please make sure to first try rebuilding your default R environment and managed code environments (as R.lib in Dataiku and/or your code environments are likely outdated).

If that doesn’t work, then this likely means that there are faulty packages that have been installed at a global level and which need to be removed. This can be done by doing the following:

  • Run R from the terminal of your Dataiku server.

  • Check for the problematic package(s).

  • If a global path (like /usr/share or /usr/lib or /usr/local) is returned, then open an R shell as the root user and remove said package(s).

  • Repeat the previous steps until there are no more broken packages that remain.


Please make sure to replace TheBrokenPackage with the name of the actual package.