How-to | Assign access to containerized execution#

Dataiku can scale most of its processing by pushing down computation to Elastic computation clusters powered by Kubernetes.

In this section, we’ll show you how to restrict which user groups have the right to use a specific Kubernetes execution configuration. By controlling the access to containerized execution through groups, it is possible to define the resources used by different groups within the cluster. This can be useful in a scenario where access to compute-intensive workloads, such as requesting GPUs, large memory, and CPU requests, needs to be limited.

Select groups and assign permissions#

Under Permissions you can choose whether the configuration is usable by everyone or selected groups. To limit access and choose which groups should have access to this configuration:

  1. Navigate to the Permissions section.

  2. Choose Selected groups. Dataiku will display group names in a dropdown menu.

  3. Select which groups should have access to this configuration. You may choose one or more groups.

  4. When completed, select Save.