Concept | Dataiku Launchpad#

The Launchpad ( is the administrative hub for accessing Dataiku.


Once logged in to the Launchpad, you’ll be able to manage your space (or possibly multiple spaces, according to your subscription plan.)

You can think of a space as a particular configuration of the Dataiku platform. At any one time, a space has a specific version of the Dataiku software. As Dataiku releases new versions periodically, spaces receive updates to ensure you have access to the latest features.

Spaces are independent from other spaces. Actions on one space (such as creating a project, running a job, or changing space settings) have no impact on other spaces to which you may belong.

To get started:

  1. Make sure the space is turned on from the Overview panel.

  2. Once the space is active, you can open the Design Node instance.

Dataiku screenshot of the Cloud Launchpad overview.


Dataiku offers multiple nodes for different kinds of tasks in the AI lifecycle, but it all starts in the Design node!

Space add-ons#

A space is more than just a specific version of the core Dataiku platform. A space may also have several optional extensions or features installed on top. These could be:




Solutions are installable accelerators that leverage Dataiku to answer business problems and use cases.


Extensions include a variety of platform enhancements such as additional nodes for production tasks (Automation, API, Govern), integrations for Spark, Git and R, scenario reporters (Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams), etc.


Plugins are packages of reusable components that extend the functionality of Dataiku.


Connections are read-only data sources and read/write data storage locations.

Code environments

Code environments are custom lists of Python or R packages available to the space.


Recall that spaces are independent from each other. Accordingly, add-ons installed on one space are only available to that space.

Space monitoring#

The homepage for a space also includes references for monitoring user activity:

Audit tool


Audit Trail

A record of who is accessing the space, when, and from where.

Usage & Monitoring

Visualizations of real-time running tasks and available computational resources.

Dataiku screenshot of the Usage & Monitoring panel of the Launchpad.


For more information, see our resources on Compute and Resource Quotas on Dataiku Cloud.

Space administration#

You can also find basic administrative settings governing the space:

Administrative setting


Users, Profiles & Groups

Invite new users to share the space and manage permissions to govern collaboration.

For more information, see the Users, Profiles & Groups article.

Subscription & Plan

Details on your current Dataiku plan.


Rename your space; grant access to support; and perform space maintenance.

What’s next?#

Once you’ve taken a tour of the Launchpad, move on to the Design home to dive into what Dataiku has to offer.